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What is MOD?

MOD (Merch On Demand) is a revolutionary platform that empowers artists and bands to effortlessly create their own merchandise stores with multiple products in a matter of minutes. It provides a user-friendly interface and eliminates the need for upfront costs or dealing with inventory.


How does MOD work?

MOD allows artists to design and customize their merchandise, set their own profit margin and pricing, and create exclusive merch drop experiences instantly. Artists can choose from a wide range of products to sell, from apparel to accessories and more.


Is using MOD completely free?

Yes! MOD is completely free to use. There are no upfront or hidden charges, we take a 20% cut of the profit margin you set. Our fee is completely transparent and you ultimately decide how much you take away and we get, allowing artists to focus on their creativity and merchandise without any financial burden.


What are the benefits of using MOD?

  • Seamless Merch Store Management: MOD offers an easy-to-use platform to manage your merchandise store efficiently.

  • Monetize Special Moments: Artists can create exclusive merch drops for special events or milestones to generate excitement and sales.

  • Fan Art Licensing System: MOD allows you to make money by collaborating with your fans on unique merch designs.

  • Set Your Own Pricing: Artists have the flexibility to set their own profit margin and price for each product they sell.

  • No Inventory Worries: With MOD, artists do not need to invest in inventory. Products are produced on-demand as orders are received.


How can I get started with MOD?

To get started with MOD, simply visit our website at www.modinc.ca. Sign up for an account and start designing and selling your merchandise in no time.

Click the link to access our full Account Setup Guide.


How often do I get paid for sales made through MOD?

Artists are paid on a monthly basis for the sales made through their MOD store. You can track your earnings and transactions in your account dashboard. Earnings are paid out through Paypal, Stripe, Wise, or E-transfer (Canada Only). 


What customer support is available for artists using MOD?

MOD offers dedicated customer support to assist artists with any questions or issues they may have. Our team is here to help you make the most of your merch store and experience with MOD. For support, reach out to us at info@modinc.ca


Is MOD suitable for both individual artists and bands?

Absolutely! MOD is designed to cater to both individual artists and bands. Whether you are a solo artist or a part of a group, MOD offers a seamless and efficient merchandising solution for everyone.


What happens if there is an issue with the printing or shipping of my merchandise?

MOD is committed to delivering high-quality products to your fans. In case of any issues with printing or shipping, our customer support team will assist your fans in resolving the matter promptly. You don't have to deal with any of the issues or customer support, we take on the burden!


Does MOD provide analytics or insights on my sales and merchandise performance?

Yes, MOD offers valuable insights and analytics on your sales and merchandise performance. You can track your best-selling products and identify trends to optimize your merch strategy.


What is Fan Art Licensing?

Our Fan Art Licensing System allows artists to collaborate with fans by inviting them to submit their own artwork or designs inspired by the artist's music and brand. Once approved, the selected fan-created designs can then be featured on official merchandise, fostering a deeper connection between artists and their audience while providing fans with an opportunity to be part of the creative process. Both Artists and Fan Designers sign our blanket licensing agreement when creating an account which ensures all parties and their IP are protected. Artists and Designers can negotiate revisions or margin split to determine final price and payout. Here is the link to review our Licensing Agreement.




When will my order be shipped out? ⏱️

Our production time on made-to-order items is 2-3 business days depending on the demand. Once completed, we package your items and ship them out the next business day.

You will be notified by email once your order is fulfilled and shipped.


How long does shipping take? 📦 

Shipping time varies depending on the location. We offer shipping to Canada using DHL and to the U.S. using USPS and FedEx. 

Standard shipping to anywhere in the U.S. will take 2-4 business days in transit. Shipping anywhere to Canada can take up to 3-5 business days.


Does MOD offer worldwide shipping? 🌎

Yes, we offer shipping to Canada, United States, and International worldwide shipping. See the Shipping section for more info.


My order is broken or damaged, what do I do? 🤨

Please open and examine the items you have purchased immediately after receiving your order. You must report a damaged item within 48 hours of when you received your order. Picture proof must be provided (we will email you for proof once you've requested to contact us).

In the rare case that you do receive a damaged or defective item, we offer free replacements.

Please email info@modinc.ca to begin your return process or fill a form on our Contact Us page.


What is your return policy? 💁

All items are final sale after the 24 hour cancelation period. Please be sure you understand these terms before purchasing anything. If you receive an item you think may be defective, email us at info@modinc.ca so we can offer you a replacement or find a way to resolve it. 

Here is the link t review our Return Policy.


Can I make changes to the name or phrase I ordered on my custom item(s)? 👍

Please contact our Customer Service Team at info@modinc.ca if you would like to change your order details or fill a form on our Contact Us page within 24 hours of making your order.


Can I cancel my order? ❌

You may cancel any order within 24 hours of it being placed.

If your order has already shipped out, we can no longer cancel it and will have to treat it as an exchange. If you would like to cancel your order, please email our Customer Service Team at info@modinc.camake sure to include your order number and full name the order was placed under.


What payment methods do you accept? 💳

We currently accept VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, Diners Club Debit/Credit Card payments and/or Paypal, Apple, Google, Shop payments.


Where do I enter a discount code? 🤑

When you are inputting your shipping details at checkout you will find the discount code box where you can enter and apply any promotions.  


Can I use more than one discount code at a time? 😅

No, we only accept 1 discount per transaction. 


Where are your Privacy Policy and Terms of Services?

Here are the links to review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our customer support team at info@modinc.ca. We're here to help you succeed with MOD and make the most out of your merchandise store!

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