About Us

Our mission is to create a merchandising ecosystem that benefits everyone.


The idea for MOD started when a TikTok trend went viral. People started creating their own DIY Spotify song plaques or buying them online. 

Our small team based in Toronto, Canada saw an opportunity here to launch with a better product, offering any song to be searched and purchased. However, we realized that all song plaques being sold online are ILLEGAL! They infringe on the music artists copyright and don’t directly support them.

We were ready to launch but we wanted to do it the right way. So we started reaching out to the major labels (Sony, Universal, Warner, BMG…) to get official licensing. And let me tell you… its hard! No wonder so many independent sellers are out there because it’s not easy becoming an official seller of an artists merchandise. However, it’s not impossible and we’ve started negotiating for several artists. 

At the same time we were ramping up our offering: Finding new manufacturers and print on demand products to sell as well as building the framework for our marketplace. 

We realized we can do so much more than just sell products. We want to create a community, a home for music lovers and artists to engage and connect with each other. On top of that we want to make artist merchandising and licensing easy and low cost, so they can focus on their music and fans over everything else. 

We believe in complete transparency with our community. So below is our current roadmap outlining the direction we’re headed with this marketplace. We’re excited to share this with you and welcome any questions or feedback. There is no set timeline for these phases but we will keep updating as we go.