Ndrasa (nee Sandra Bunga) was born in Rotterdam, Amsterdam in the Netherlands on June 22nd 1989 from parents of Angolan and Congolese descent. After the family immigrated to Canada on Vancouver Island, in the small town of Duncan she later discovered different genres and more anglophone music. She was introduced to 90's electronica as well as the rise of the early hip hop and r&b when her family moved to Ottawa, Ontario where her and her siblings were mostly raised. Her sound is a mix of soulful melodies and catchy rhythmic hooks. Her love to experiment with different genres and use her voice to tell stories from slow ballads to up tempo grooves will be apparent from track to track. The project “REDWINEMUSIC” features other artists from across Canada and around the world for all listeners in English and French, with an anticipated release in 2024. This project will display her passion for creating music that moves people.

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