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Pineapple As a fan, have you ever tried shopping for merch of your favourite artists but find that their official selection is limited in variety and stock? After searching online a bit more you might find something you really like but it’s not an official seller so you’re not sure if you should buy it.

We here to fix that. All merch art and designs found on our marketplace can be made and shipped instantly through our print on demand manufacturers. We offer a variety of products and preset design templates for you to choose from and find what most appeals to you. Designs available for our official artists will include their album artwork, song lyrics, portraits, images, and other assets of the artists choosing.

Rest assured that you are directly supporting your favourite artists by shopping on our marketplace. All designs are officially licensed to artists we’ve signed on board and approved by them before being listed.

When you buy something, royalties are paid out in full to the artist and designer involved.

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If you’re a creative individual you might have found a niche in selling products of popular artists on marketplaces like Etsy, Redbubble, and more… But ultimately you fear possible legal action if they find out.

Those fears are gone on our marketplace, we provide a legit platform for you to sell any digital art or designs of our official artists. Once the artist approves your listing we will automatically place ads and work on promoting your design.

You can still take control by choosing your price markup for profit and having your own storefront so you can personally promote all your designs listed. We’ll also take care of any customer service issues so you can just focus on listing your art and getting paid!

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Pineapple Whether you’re an independent or signed artist, a big chunk of revenues today comes from merchandise sales. But your official store, if you even have one, is limited by the variety of designs and inventory in stock. On the backend, you and your team need to deal with sourcing and vetting manufacturers, creating the website, putting money into ad campaigns, and managing customer complaints.

Now if you’re a bigger artist who is signed to a label you probably don’t need to deal with the backend stuff. However, your name and likeness copyright is probably being sold illegally with products on unregulated marketplaces online. There’s so many of them out there, a lot of them small time sellers, that it’s impossible to take them all down.

We help with all of that. By joining our marketplace as an official artist you get your own artist store to sell designs of your copyrighted assets on our print on demand merch. This includes your album artwork, song lyrics, portraits, images, and other assets of your choosing. Your fans can also upload their own designs of you they made to list and sell, giving those fan designers a legitimate platform to support you.

You would have full control over approving fan designs through a dashboard on our platform. You’ll also be able to easily review earnings, analytics, and upload new assets to sell.

According to our licensing terms you would get a base royalty rate for each product sold licensed to you. You can also take more control over your profits by paying for one of our artists store plans. These plans give you an increased profit margin on sales and higher advertising budget for promotions. To review our licensing terms and store plan pricing fill out the form below and our team will get back to you shortly.

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